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The signals exam is different at every level of the deck officers training.

The exact requirements change from year to year on the speed that Morse is required to be read by light. they also differ at each level of qualification.

In the other sections of the Signals exam you will find all the

international code of signals flags

international Morse code.

the Phonetic alphabet

The Signals Exam

The exam is split into 4 sections

Section 1    
Receive Morse by light   A group of letters and numbers is sent as a block. you must get 90% to pass and move on to section 2
Section 2    
Transmit Morse   You must be able to transmit a block of Morse code ( don't send it faster than you can receive it yourself ) again the pass is 90%
Section 3    
Flags   You will be show a group of flags. Know what they are and their single letter meaning - pass mark 90%
Section 4    
General Knowledge   You are given a written paper where you will be required to decode a signal group (using the international code of signals) code up a group, and be asked on your general signals knowledge this will include a distress signal of some kind if you get this wrong you will fail the exam.