The aim of is a simple one, we are working as hard as we can to give accurate, useful, up to date information to help deck officers at every level of their training.

In the fullness of time we intend to build up a data base tailored to the deck officers need during their study for certificates of competency. More than this however we believe that this data base will be of use to the mariner throughout their career at sea.

As a deck officer I found that while I was studying the lack of study guides was very frustrating. I started in part to change this situation and in part to help me to revise for my certificates.

Unfortunately I am forced to write the following passage even if I don't like to.

Whilst the principles discussed and details given within this work are the result of careful study, the author and publisher cannot in any way guarantee the suitability of recommendations made in this work for individual problems, and they shall not be under any legal liability of any kind in respect of or arising out of the form or contents of this work or any error therein, or the reliance of any person thereon.