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The IALA buoyage system is split into 2 regions A and B. Region B is mostly areas of the world with American influence, Region A is mostly countries with United kingdom influence.




Light - red any except 2+1 Light - green any except 2+1
Preferred channel  

channel to Stbd
Light - red 2+1
channel to port
Light - Green 2+1



Light - green any except 2+1 Light - red any except 2+1

channel to Stbd
Light - green 2+1
channel to port
Light - red 2+1

The shape of the buoy determines which type of mark it is throughout both regions going in the direction of the buoys can shapes are left to port and cone shapes are left to Stbd.

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All other Buoys in the system are the same not matter which region they are in.

Cardinal Marks - indicate safe water in the quadrant 45 degrees either side of the cardinal they represent as shown below

West   Light quick or
very quick
  Light is white  
Light group flash
9 quick or very

  Light group flash
3 quick or very

Light flash 6+1
Quick or vquick

retro tape   N -blue over black
E - blue over blue
S - yellow over blue
W - yellow yellow

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Other Buoys the same in both Regions

Isolated Danger mark

indicating a danger directly below the buoy

Light - White group Flash 2

retro tape blue over red

Safe water Mark

indicating safe water all around the buoy

Light - White - Isophase or occulting
or long flash or Morse A

retro tape red over or next to white


The Final set of buoys in the IALA system are the special marks they are used to indicate a special feature the buoy can be any shape but is painted yellow and has a yellow light that cannot be confused with any other light in the area.

Its top mark is optional but is a yellow cross as shown below

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